Youth vaping in Jersey

1. About the Consultation


Public Health would like to understand the views and opinions of parents and carers on vaping and the use of vapes by young people in Jersey. We wish to understand:

  • What parents and carers of young people think about youth vaping in Jersey
  • What knowledge parents and carers have regarding young people's vaping habits
  • What you as a parent and/or carer think your child's school can do to address the issue, in the school context
  • What the Government of Jersey should do more widely to address youth vaping in our community

Your responses to this survey will be treated in line with the Public Health Privacy Notice. Please avoid including personal identifiable information in your responses.


1. What school/college do(es) your child(ren) attend? Select all that apply. *


2. How old is (are) your child(ren)?  Select all that apply. *


3. Do you personally use nicotine products and if so, which ones? Select all that apply.


4. As far as you are aware, does your child or the young person you look after smoke or vape? *